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How to Cope With Dog Aggression

Written by Benji

On 12/15/2019

How to Cope With Dog Aggression


The best way to deal with aggression in a dog is to prune their behaviors early on. Dogs are predatory animals, so it’s only natural that one would show signs of aggressive behavior even as a puppy. It’s the owner’s responsibility to train a dog to be submissive and obedient.

A dog will act aggressively on different occasions for various reasons.


Among the most common reasons are:

• Hunger
• Protecting his territory
• Struggling for dominance
• Feeling trapped or threatened
• Fear or insecurity
• Boredom (chasing cars for example)
• The dog has been pampered, and the needs or wants aren’t being met to their satisfaction.


Show your dog who’s the boss from the very beginning. There must be no doubt in his mind that your every command is to be obeyed immediately. It will take dedication and patience to accomplish. A very well trained dog will respond favorably to his master’s commands even at a distance and without a leash.


That is not to say you should never take your dog out in public without a leash. Most communities have leash laws, and even though you feel that you know your dog well, he may behave erratically in an unfamiliar situation.


Once your puppy has been de-wormed and had his shots, you’ll do well to introduce him to other dogs. Remain in control of his actions at all times. If the other dog becomes aggressive, hold your dog back to teach him not to respond to provocation. If your dog becomes aggressive, you’ll need to take charge quickly. A stern “no” and short jerk on the leash will send him the message that this behavior is not tolerated.


Another problem stemming from aggression is chasing cars, people, cats, or other dogs. Not only is it an unacceptable behavior, but chasing has resulted in the death of several family pets.


Chasing is an instinctual hunting behavior, and nearly every dog will chase something at one time or another. Going against such a deeply ingrained and natural trait is a challenge. Since hunting behavior is necessary for survival in the wild, it is probably the hardest habit to break in a dog. Even if your dog is obedient at other times, he may very well ignore your commands and take off after that irresistible rabbit.


There’s no way to outrun your dog. He’ll leave you eating his dust every time. So how can you stop him from exhibiting this aggressive behavior from a distance? The answer lies in gaining control of his ability to go after what he wants in an enclosed space.


Place a favorite toy or piece of food just out of his reach. Prevent him from going after it by holding him back with the leash. Tell him to sit and when he obeys you, shower him with praise. Then offer him the thing that he wants. By repeating this training, you are teaching your dog that he’s not allowed to have anything without your permission.



Start your puppy’s training early on and don’t allow aggression to take hold. You’ll have fewer headaches, passersby will be safe, and your dog will be more likely to live a few years longer.


5 Steps To Being The Pack Leader


Before you can have balanced dog behavior, you have to become the leader, and the leader needs to be every human in the family.


You have to communicate with your dogs in a way that they’ll understand, which means that you have to learn to think like a dog. Before you can think like a dog, you have to understand dog psychology.


Below are five steps to help put yourself in the Pack Leader position. Cesar Millan explains each point in detail.


Learn More






Cesar Millan: How to Become the Pack LEADER!



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