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House Train Your Dog – The Simple Way!

Written by Benji

On 01/15/2020

House Train Your Dog – The Simple Way!


Your new puppy is so cute. You cuddle with it every day, chase it around the yard and play tug-of-war with the stuffed animal. However, all is not fun and games in the house with the new puppy.


Now comes the hard part, house training the dog. As the new puppy does one of two things to relieve themself in the middle of your new white carpet, you find yourself wondering why it is so difficult for the dog to understand that you do not do it in the house.

You think to yourself, why would anyone, animals included, go to the bathroom where they live? Why would they not want it as far away as possible?


You think your puppy must be thick-headed; anyone with a dog has looked at their animal at this stage and said, “you stupid dog.”


However, then you remember for a couple of years after you were born, you not only went to the bathroom where you live but actually in your pants, and you feel slightly bad for being so frustrated with your dog’s seeming lack of intelligence.


House training a dog is, without a doubt, a frustrating process. You wish you could throw them outside, and they would figure it out themselves. Unfortunately, it is not this easy; it requires a bit more patience and perseverance. So you do a couple of things as you look at the seemingly hopeless situation that has the potential to turn very expensive if you are forced to replace your carpet.

First of all, you must remember that you knew house training a dog was not easy or fun, second, remember that you’re the one that bought the new carpet two months before you decided to get a dog.


Now go to the book store and find yourself the latest book on house training a dog and hope that it has some enlightening information that will save you both time and money.

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How to House Training Your Dog Successfully


You could house training your dog quickly if you had the time to watch your puppy 24-hours a day. But since you can’t watch them around the clock, you can’t expect to train them all at once. Training can take up to about six months. Puppies are growing and developing quickly at this stage.


They eat more food and burn up a lot of energy and consequently need to ‘go’ more often. The most critical issue in house training dogs should be teaching him to control his bowel first. When he is still a puppy, he has not yet developed bladder control.


House training dogs is hard when you are not home. Your puppy needs a lot of attention. You should first confine your puppy in a puppy-proof room with paper spread all over the floor. Put his water bowls and food right next to it.

The papers you have set on the floor may be dragged and chewed around his little den, but it’s essential and helpful in teaching your puppy where to eliminate his waste correctly. There will be no reason for him to defecate elsewhere.


Your puppy will ‘go’ on the paper, and you need to clean it up when you arrive home. This may be additional work for you, but patience is all it takes. Don’t worry because later on, he will move past this stage.

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Paper training is extremely useful and is a proven technique in training dogs. In this way, no matter where the dog relieves himself, he will still eliminate the paper because he has no choice. Little by little, you will see some changes.

Gradually reduce the amount of paper you have set on the ground. As your puppy has become used to using the paper, start gradually moving the paper outside the house. Since he has become used to using the paper, he will look for it.


After the paper has been moved to outside the house, your training is near its end. Move the paper about an inch per day. Be sure to reward your dog for their good behavior.

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Occasionally, you may discover that they had an ‘accident’ inside the house again. Don’t become discouraged, when this happens, you just need to repeat the training again. But understand that it will not be as hard as the first time. Obedience training for your puppy is vital for both your dog, your sanity and sanitation.


Watch Ceasar Millan – How to Potty Train Your Puppy



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  1. Tilly

    This is great! This is exactly what I follow, the crate or pen is a must!

  2. Benji

    Yes, that’s true Tilly, the crate training makes life so much easier and saves a lot of time, money and frustration. It pays for itself in no time at all compared to the alternatives.


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