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Why Do Dogs Drag Their Butt on the Carpet?

Why Do Dogs Drag Their Butt on the Carpet?

Why Do Dogs Drag Their Butt on the Carpet?


Does your pet dog drag their butt on the carpet and grass? It’s called scooting, and if you’re a dog lover, you’ve probably seen this a few times. This article explains the most typical causes for scooting, how exactly to identify the underlying concerns, and some actions you can take to help prevent it.









  • Anal gland issues
  • Tapeworms
  • Excess fecal matter
  • Allergies


Although watching your pet drag their butt across your carpet isn’t exactly desirable, it’s important to never punish them. They’re doing this because they are suffering. Finding out what’s causing the irritation is what’s important, and once you do you’ll have the ability to alleviate your dog’s discomfort and stop them from suffering.

Anal Gland Issues Could Cause Irritation & Scooting

Anal glands (generally known as anal sacs) start getting full may be the most common reason behind dogs scooting their butts on the floor. It’s not the most pleasant subject to have a discussion about, but anal gland issues are very common and affect a lot of dogs.

Some dogs are inclined to get impacted anal glands, often because of a thicker fluid that’s struggling to pass to the exterior of the body. This can result in the sac getting infected and causing a whole lot of pain and irritation, and if left unattended can require surgery for the repair.

If you suspect your pet dog may have an anal gland issue check with your local veterinarian. Technically you can empty your dog’s anal glands yourself, but if you’ve never done it before, have your veterinarian educate you on how to perform the task. They are able to check to ensure there are no additional underlying issues also.

Tapeworms Could Cause Dogs to Drag Their Butts on the Ground

Another common reason dogs drag their butt on the ground is usually tapeworms.

Among the symptoms of tapeworms is scooting their butt on the floor due to the irritation that tapeworm segments cause to the region. Worms mature in your dog’s intestines, and tapeworm segments could cause irritation because they exit through your dog’s anus. The segments are small, but upon close examination, you might be in a position to spot them around your dog’s rear end. They appear to be tiny little white or golden colored bits of rice.

Tapeworm segments are only passed through intermittently and therefore are often not diagnosed on routine fecal examination. If you find any segments, white or golden color, bring them to your veterinarian for a definitive diagnosis. – VCA Animal Hospitals

If you suspect your pet has tapeworms check with your local veterinarian.

Excess Fecal Matter Could Cause Your Dog to Drag His Butt on the Grass

Excess fecal matter that gets caught around your dog’s rear end is another cause why dogs drag their butts on the ground. Known as Canine Pseudocoprostasis (or dingleberries), fecal matter that gets stuck on or hangs from the fur surrounding your dog’s anus can motive your canine to scoot his butt on the floor in order to shake it loose.

In longer haired dogs this may turn into a chronic condition, and prevention may be the most practical method for managing it.

Allergies Can Cause Irritation That Leads to Scooting

Skin irritation due to allergies can cause your dog to drag their butt on to the floor.

Many of the most common dog allergies consist of:

  • Food
  • Fleas
  • Smoke
  • Pollens
  • Mold Spores
  • Medications

Some allergies may be easy to identify — such as a diet change or flea infestation — but others, such as environmental substances, like dust or pollen, maybe harder to identify. If you think your dog may have allergies but aren’t sure what’s causing them to check with your local veterinarian for help determining what’s causing your dog’s allergies.

How to Help Reduce Your Dog’s Scooting

If you can’t figure out what’s causing your dog’s rear end to become irritated it’s time to consult your veterinarian. Identifying and managing the underlying issue will prevent your dog from scooting, and best of all it’ll make your dog feel a whole lot better.




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How to Create the Perfect Daily Routine for Your Dogs

How to Create the Perfect Daily Routine for Your Dogs

How to Create the Perfect Routine for Your Dogs


If people are creatures of habit, our pet dogs are animals of routine. Humans who adhere to a regimented schedule tend to raise dogs who do exactly the same. Yet even though your private routine doesn’t require military-style obedience, your dog does.

Even a relaxed pooch could be a Drill Sgt with regards to their day to day routine because dogs enjoy a tedious schedule and they will love us all the more for it

Routines will undoubtedly be just as unique as those that exist by them, but in situations when there is a  doggy there are many key components that are non-negotiable:


Wake and Wiggle

Most people like to take their time waking up in the morning, lazily climbing out there of bed, having a cup of coffee, and slumbering around slowly to get up and going gradually.

As soon as dogs are up, they’re awake and wiggling those behinds, signaling that they’re ready for the day time to begin and for us humans to get our own butts in gear.

A Dog’s Breakfast

The British possess an amusing saying — when something is a real mess or poorly done they call it “a dog’s breakfast time. “But stateside, the particular dog’s breakfast has obtained an upgrade in current years. There’s nothing badly done about the unique breakfast bowls many special pooches are served these types of days. A dog’s morning meal isn’t a mess — it’s probably much better than just what the humans are consuming.



Photo: Getty Images

Oral Observance

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of hot dog breath, you’re probably aware that a dog’s mouth can get quite stinky. Unfortunately, our dogs can’t brush their own teeth. And even more, unfortunately, many of us skip this part of the routine. One survey of veterinary clients found that only about 10% brush their pet’s teeth on a daily basis, and that’s not putting smiles on the vet’s faces. If you think your dog’s breath is gross now, just wait until she has an oral health emergency. No one wants that so train your dog to love the toothbrush, or you’ll have to learn to love the inside of your vet’s waiting room.


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Photo: Getty Images

Waiting on Work

This is the saddest time of every dog’s daily schedule (and the human’s, as well), however, the vast majority of us need to go to work to keep putting kibble on the table. A dog may remain at home alone while the people surge off to the workplace, while the fortunate ones find a workable pace and lie under work areas tuning in to the clicking of consoles for what appears hours (since it is). In any case, when that rattling of keys transforms into the jingle of another sort of keys, our pooches know it’s the ideal opportunity for the best business as usual when we return home.



Photo: Getty Images

Essential Exercise

Consider it a walk, a meander, a climb or a promenade — simply don’t cancel it. Taking a walk or hitting the recreation center for some get is a basic piece of a canine’s daily schedule, not simply to shield their bladder and weight from expanding, yet to shield them from getting exhausted. Everyone — human and canine — necessities to escape the house from time to time. Keep a canine cooped up for a really long time, and you won’t simply be discarding a decent normal yet doubtlessly a decent carpet, as well.


Dog’s Dinner

In the chance that “a dog’s breakfast is a mess, What’s a dog’s dinner?  Well in basic American English, the most ideal approach to portray it is normally … Gone!


Photo: Getty Images

Back to Bed

In the event that your sleep time routine doesn’t include a dog in the bed with you, ensure you don’t veer off from that routine even once. Make one exemption, and you’ll be spending the remainder of your evenings possessing the one corner of your California King not overwhelmed by spread paws — on the grounds that getting into the human bed is one routine change hounds rush to move with.




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The 10 Best Orthopedic Dog Beds

The 10 Best Orthopedic Dog Beds

The 10 Best Orthopedic Dog Beds


If your dog is not comfortable and gets up slow, stiff, and sore, then it might be the signs that they need a good orthopedic dog bed to help give them better comfort and support if they are aging or injured. Before you buy a new one, you should know that orthopedic dog beds are most recommendable as they are thick comfy and supportive. 


An orthopedic dog bed is a well-designed mattress bed that supports the dog’s weight in a superior fashion. It is designed to help support the dog’s weight in a way that reduces stress to the joints, back, and the body of the dog. We bring you the best selling orthopedic dog beds that you should consider before buying a new one.


1. Hero Dog Mat for Large Dog Crates

The dog crate mat is made up of pure premium cotton, suitable for puppies, and especially for disabled pets. Its machine washable quality allows you to keep it clean, and it’s easy to remove hair.  The large surface area is anti-slip and it will give it a firm grip not only on the floor but also on sofas and beds. If you need to travel, you can roll it and carry it along with you. 


Learn More


2. Memory Foam Dog Bed with 6-inch Mattress


Memory Foam Dog Bed is a comfortable orthopedic dog bed that contains a cooling gel allowing the pet to escape from the hot summers. It will also give your dog relaxation in a neutral position for spinal alignment and hip comfort. The bed is manufactured in the USA in an eco-friend environment and Exceeds PURGreen certification standards. However, this last longing dog bed doesn’t come with a cover, so you need to arrange a sheet or a cap on your own.



Learn More




3. Best Sellers from FurHaven Pet Products

The Premium Orthopedic Pet Beds from FurHaven are designed for dogs to relieve the pain of arthritis, joint, and hip dysplasia.

FurHaven Pet Furniture is well known as a quality source of indoor and outdoor pet products, with warming and cooling pads as well as orthopedic pet beds and travel accessories. 


Learn More




4. K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Dog Bed


The K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed it is specially designed for consistent chewers, the fabric is waterproof, scratchproof, and bites proof. Moreover, it is easy to clean on the spot, and the fiber is replaceable.  This elevated dog bed provides weight distribution and air circulation defining it like an orthopedic. This standard size dog bed will fit into a crate, and also, comes with a 180-days fiber replacement warranty. 



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5. Extreme Comfort Memory Foam Dog Bed


This dog bed comes with a durable cover that is waterproof and is machine washable that helps in making the cozy pillow more durable and long-lasting. But, this medium-sized pillow is just for small dogs or puppies and doesn’t allow you to use it for super dogs. 

Premium materials and quality construction provide this dog pillow with superior durability while ensuring the body is aligned without painful pressure points to relieve achy joints, arthritis, and hip dysplasia.


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6. King Dog Beds


King Pet Bed is a Dog Bed that shapes like a tub but has a soft fabric interior and exterior body. The foam inside the bed is shaped like the oval or the natural sleeping position of a dog that will allow the pet optimal comfort, which soothes its pressure points and helps improves the rest of your pet. The one-piece design with the elastic-banded cover slips right off. It’s easy to clean and has no problems with broken zippers.



Learn More



7. Kuranda Chewproof Dog Bed

Kuranda Dog Bed is chew proof, waterproof, and scratchproof dog bed. The aluminum frame is light-weight allows you to move it quickly and easily. The following orthopedic dog bed is designed so that your pet remains dry, calm, and comfortable not only inside the house but outside as well. 

It’s effortless to clean this bed, and its Fabric is also replaceable. The massive dogs and diggers are kept in mind while choosing the Fabric for this bed. Also, this bed comes with a one-year warranty. 

Learn More



8. BarksBar Orthopedic Dog Bed


The BarksBar Orthopedic Dog Bed is made from Luxurious quilted design to improve any family’s home decor. The orthopedic bed is made with top-of-the-line quality and premium materials.

It is built to provide the best sleep experience with premium overall comfort that lasts. Perfect for dogs any ages, especially older dogs with a joint, bone, or arthritic problems.

The Large Orthopedic Sleeper is ideal for Medium to Large size dogs and also great for multiple smaller dogs and can easily hold up to 100+ lbs and fitted for pets up to 36″ in length It is easy to clean, and it has a Machine-Washable cover. Just put it on the gentle cycle or wash by hand with and spot clean and remove hair.

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9. K9 Ballistics Round Dog Bed

The K9 Ballistic Round Dog Bed is chew-proof; this round dog bed is ideal for LIGHT chewers only.  For destructive dogs, you should consider other dog beds. The dogs that love to cuddle feel safe and secure in this dog bed due to its donut and bagel shape.  The dog bed comforts your dog from all 360 degrees. The round dog mat inside the bed is removable and spot cleaned even in washing machines too. 


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10. Dog SUV Travel Seat

The Console SUV Safety Seat is all you need if you have a puppy or small dog, and you travel a lot. The Sherpa lining is used to keep the bed or console warm in winter and cool in summer.  The Removable nylon quilt is used on the bottom so it that repels the hair of the pet and is washable. The strap attached to the bed keeps the pet secure while traveling and acts as a seat belt.


Learn More


Conclusion There are many types of orthopedic beds, but the most preferable are those that are raised from the floor level as they are more secure and more relaxing than others.  If you are living in some colder region, than you should consider the ballistic shaped dog beds which cover the pet from all 360 degrees with warmth, and provides security.  The usage of orthopedic dog beds has increased in recent years and has led to a fall in the joint pains and health complaints of dogs by the dog owners. Due to the usage of dog beds, the owners have also noticed a more peaceful behavior with their pets.


Best Dog Houses for Cold Weather

Best Dog Houses for Cold Weather

Best Dog Houses for Cold Weather


There are times when the climate gets too hot or too cold; at times like these, you need a dry place for your dog. Dog houses come in various shapes and sizes. It is your preference to choose the kind of dog house that best fits your needs. We have a list for you so that you can decide the best available options for your needs. Here is the best all-season dog house that you might need for your dog.


1. Portable Indoor Dog House


If you are looking for a cozy dog house for your dog, this Portable Indoor Pet House is the best. It has a tent-like structure. The Portable Indoor Pet House is a little small but unique in design and is made for your dog’s comfort so you can take it anywhere. The Portable Indoor Pet House is easily portable. The Portable Indoor Pet House is not only cozy, but the price and the quality are also outstanding.

Learn More

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2. Petsfit Portable Wooden Dog House


Warming Pads Available

This dog house is ready to go where you go and comes all in one piece with no assembly required.

The portable dog house is easy for quick storage and access when you it fold it flat when not in use. The top can be opened for easy cleaning and access to your pet. Warming pads are available.

Learn More

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Petsfit Portable Wooden Dog House
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3. Furhaven Dog Bed

The Furhaven Ottoman Dog House looks great in the living room while providing all the comforts of home. This dog house comes in a choice of colors and is easy to assemble and easy to clean. Available in small and large sizes.

Learn More

Furhaven Pet Dog & Cat House | Ottoman Footstool Collapsible Living Room Pet House Condo for Cats & Small Dogs, Stormy Gray, Large
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4. Petmate Weather-Resistant Log Cabin Dog House

The Cabin dog house sealed coating, with a solid floor, and tilted asphalt roof provides protection from the weather and keeps the cabin dry. With solid wood and stainless-steel hardware, the outdoor dog house is safe for long-lasting security.

The wooden dog house has adjustable feet that help to maintain balance on all surfaces for easy installation.

Learn More

Precision Pet by Petmate Extreme Weather-Resistant Log Cabin Dog House with Adjustable Feet, 4
Petmate Extreme Weather-Resistant Log Cabin Dog House
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5. 2PET Foldable Dog Crate


The 2PET Foldable Dog Crate is a foldable dog crate with a touch of class that is washable and a perfect choice for outdoor use and travel. Unlike many other dog crates, Fold a Crate uses a strong steel tubing that can be quickly folded or unfolded.


Learn More

2PET Foldable Dog Crate - Soft, Easy to Fold & Carry Dog Crate for Indoor & Outdoor Use - Comfy Dog Home & Dog Travel Crate - Strong Steel Frame, Washable Fabric Cover, Frontal Zipper Medium Red
2PET Foldable Dog Crate
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6. Tangkula Pet Dog House
Outdoor Weather-Resistant Wooden Log Cabin

Are you are looking for a classic wooden dog house, you can find this Tangkula Dog House, Outdoor Weather-Resistant Wooden Log Cabin. It is a durable and sturdy dog house. If you want to have an all-season dog house this Tangkula Dog House, Outdoor Weather-Resistant Wooden Log Cabin is the best. It is a durable, classic, and good quality dog house that your dog will enjoy.


Learn More

Tangkula Dog House, Wooden Pet Kennel, Outdoor Weather Waterproof Pet House, Natural Wooden Dog House Home with Reddish Brown Roof, Pet Dog House (Small, Natural Wood)
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7. Regalo Indoor Dog Gate with Door 





If you are looking for a dog gate for your house that can give your dog a separate place, the Regalo HOME Indoor Dog Gate with Pet Door is the best you can find with many to choose from. It is one of the best dog gates that you can get, it is sturdy, and they’re fantastic for your dogs, your child, and your family.

Learn More



8. Extra Large Exercise Pen


Heavy-Duty 40-inch Door – 8 or 16 Panel Kennel Playpens


When you are not around, you need to make sure to get a dog house that is strong enough. We have solved your problem. Here are the Extra Large Exercise Pen Heavy-Duty 40-inch Door Big Dog Black Large Pet 8 or 16 Panel Kennel Playpens that will give your dog enough space, and besides that, it will keep your dog safe and secure. You can find out more about the assorted sizes of these fantastic


Learn More

S AFSTAR Safstar 40/48 inch Dog Pen Pet Puppy Playpen Exercise Pens Gate Portable Folding Indoor Outdoor Metal Kennel Fence Pet Playpen 16 Panels (48" High)
 Dog Play & Exercise Pens
Portable Folding Metal Kennel Fence Playpen
16 Panels (48″ High)
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How to Know If Your Dog is Sick

How to Know If Your Dog is Sick

How to Know If Your Dog is Sick


When you look into the eyes of your pet, it may seem as if he or she were able to talk. Of course, dogs can’t speak, but they can be very eloquent in their body language. The better you understand your dog— his practices, appearance, and behavior— these indications will be more evident. It can assist avoid pain, save cash, and even save a life by acting quickly at the first indications of a disease.


The following are popular methods animals inform us that they are sick. This list is not difficult, nor does it replace specialist veterinary counseling. Please notice that in a very youthful, very ancient, or otherwise frail dog, these signs are more worrisome as they have fewer defenses when the disease hits. If you are concerned about the conduct or appearance of your dog, consult your local vet at all times.



Dogs obviously can’t tell us when they don’t feel well; it’s essential to be conscious of indications that your dog is sick so you can come to their rescue and bring them to a vet if needed. Signs of the disease will look the same for many dogs — they won’t want to consume or play, they’ll have diarrhea — but any kind of shift is worth remembering.


They Keep to Themselves

Your dog may also retreat to their crate on the flip side of aggression or hide somewhere and appear less social than usual. “If he or she isn’t as fun or active as usual, it’s something to worry about,” says Bustle Mindy Tenenbaum, M.Sc, DNA My Dog’s creator and chairman. “If your dog is lying or sleeping in a distant region or sleeping when they are usually active, it might indicate that he or she is sick.”


They’re Not Going to Eat

Most dogs are food-centered, so if your dog seems to have lost his appetite, it is certainly worth paying attention too. “Of course, he may stick his nose up and hesitate to consume if you turn your dog’s meals into something, he considers less than palatable,” suggests Tenenbaum. “However, if no meal modifications have occurred and all other family activities are the same, you should be worried.” Again, a journey to the vet may determine the fundamental cause of your dog’s loss of appetite.


They are not Going to Drink

As with eating, if your dog doesn’t eat water, it’s not just because it can be an indication of a health problem, but it can also contribute to health issues.

“This should be taken very seriously because it doesn’t take long to dehydrate your animal, which is hazardous,” suggests Tenenbaum. “You should check for dehydration by pinching the loose skin softly on the back of the throat. It should bounce back rapidly, and if it does not, your dog is dehydrated and will need immediate veterinary assistance.”


They’re Still Coughing

An occasional cough or sneeze is nothing to care about, as animals like us do cough and sneeze. But if they hack, coughing, wheezing, and sneezing throughout the day, it could be an indication of disease.

“This may be an indication of infection or a heart-related problem, as well as a range of other fundamental health circumstances,” suggests Tenenbaum.” Some dog is susceptible to breathing problems, and elderly dogs are likely to heart murmurings. It is essential to be on the lookout for coughing or shortness of breath so that therapy can be given to handling any disease.”



When you go to tap her wounded paw or sore back, a dog may yelp in pain, but it is even more probable to die in silence. Most animals do not vocalize in pain.

Any of these indications warrant a trip to your local vet. Never offer medicine for pain unless it has been prescribed specifically for your dog.

Some signs that your dog may be sick are lameness or stiffness that takes more than 24 hours. They may be a reluctance to move, run, or a prominent bone or joint swelling that is hot to the touch.

Use a digital thermometer (never mercury silver) for the rectal technique. An electronic thermometer with a versatile tip would be best, particularly for clients who may be struggling or squirming.

  • Lubricate the tip with Vaseline or lubricant jelly.
  • Place your dog in a place of standing. Having a helper for this is fantastic.
  • Gently raise the tail of your dog.
  • Wait until a beeping noise has recorded the temperature.


They Look “Grump” or “Snappy”

Take notice if your dog is generally down for a pet or a hug when you touch them or snap when you get too near. “Growing, snapping, and reactive actions may show pain and discomfort,” suggests Thomas. “When a dog ‘ acts out’ individuals believe it’s a matter of conduct or preparation, but it can be a wellness problem very well.”

And the health problem is generally something that causes them suffering.



Fever often goes hand in hand with the disease. Conventional wisdom says a cold, moist nose for a good dog. And it implies difficulty with a hot, dry mouth; this is a common misunderstanding. A dog’s nose’s appearance or feeling is bad health or body temperature marker.

The only accurate way to diagnose a fever is to take your dog’s temperature with a pet thermometer (see the section below).

If your dog is sick and has a temperature above 103 F, it’s time to see your local vet.

Note that heatstroke is compatible with a body temperature above 104.5 F and is a life-threatening emergency. Institute steps for cooling and pursue immediate veterinary care.

How to take your dog’s temperature
  • There are two methods: take your pet’s temperature; rectally or through the ear.
  • The ear thermometer is potentially safer and less invasive, but the rectal thermometer is more accurate.


For the rectal method


iProven Pet Thermometer (Termometro) for Accurate Fever Detection - Suitable for Cats/Dogs - Waterproof Pet Thermometer - Fast Readings Cat Thermometer/Dog Thermometer - DT-K117A 2019
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  1. Use the digital fever thermometer (never mercury).
  2. Lubricate the thermometer with Vaseline or lubricant jelly.
  3. Place your dog in a standing position.

*A dog’s rectal temperature is  100° to 103°F



Ear thermometers use light to measure the temperature of the eardrum, which is a good representation of core body temperature.


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Taking your dog’s temperature by ear

Be sure to place the thermometer deep into the horizontal ear canal to obtain an accurate reading.

A dog’s average ear temperature is between 100° to 103°F.


For additional information or in case of an emergency contact your local vet.


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