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How to Stop Your Dog’s Constant Barking

How to Stop Your Dog’s Constant Barking

How to Stop Your Dog’s Constant Barking


Is your dog’s barking getting out of control or does the barking seem to get worse when you leave home? There are so many stop dog barking devices which one should you choose from? If you’re reading this article then I’m sure you’ve asked yourself… What’s the best way to stop my dog’s barking?

Dog bark collars can stop barking dogs quickly, easily, and humanely. When used properly, the electronic bark collar can stop your dog’s barking completely within a matter of a few days.

There are some shock collars, sound collars and then there are the mist spray collars. Let’s take a closer look and see what they include.

Most electronic bark control collars employ sound as the basic stimulus because it is well established that animals learn more quickly and retain a better memory when the desired behavior is associated with a sound. The more advanced models progressively increase the sonic stimulus as barking persists. Some models employ gradually increasing electric shock stimulus along with the sound to stop even the most stubborn barkers in a humane manner.

The more sophisticated electronic bark collars sense the vibrations in a dog’s throat that happen only during barking. By doing so, they prevent false corrections from other loud noises and from other dogs barking.

The drawback with some “barking dog collars” is that they may detect barking with a microphone and activate on sound; these can be set off by other noises or by another dog’s bark. Some Barking Dog Collars only use vibration; these can be set off by motion or jostling.

Stay Away from these Stop Dog Barking Devices


1. Bark Dog Collars the project a spray mist which startles and confuses the dog’s olfactory senses, causing him to stop barking. These mists may cause allergic reactions and hypersensitivity in your dog.

2. Independent devices that have a built-in microphone tuned to the sound of your dog’s bark. They emit a loud correction to startle the dog so he stops barking. They automatically stop and reset themselves after each auditory correction. The dog feels no correction with this type of bark stopper and can simply move away to another location further from the receiver and completely avoid the sound altogether.

Look for Stop Dog Barking Devices with these Features


1. One that simultaneously senses both sound and vibration, and only uses a combination of sound and vibration to trigger the electronic correction. By having both of these features, the electronic bark collar will be activated only by the dog wearing the collar, so there won’t be any “false corrections” caused by loud noises or other dogs barking.

2. One that automatically adjusts the level of static correction to your dog’s temperament with different levels of self-adjustable corrections in response to the barking intensity of your dog. The more intensity settings will help to accommodate the most sensitive too the most stubborn dogs.

3. One that provides a warning beep with the first bark.

4. One with a rechargeable battery, which features a low battery indicator light.

5. One that features a quick-fit buckle that provides a quick release.

6. One that is durable, lightweight, waterproof, and adjustable.

7. One that comes with a complete operating guide and a videotape demonstration.


Stop Dog Barking Devices

Product Comparison



TBI Pro Dog Bark Collar

  • Effective K9 Professional Smart Barking Detection
  • Rechargeable with Triple Anti-False Modes
  • Beep, with Vibration for Small, Medium, & Large Dogs Breeds
  • IPx7 Waterproof

Authen Bark Collar

  • Barking Control Training Collar
  • Beep with Vibration and No Harm Shock (5 Adjustable Sensitivity Controls)
  • For Small, Medium & Large Dog

Dog Training Collar

  • Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar with 3 Training Modes
  • Beep with Vibration and Shock alerts
  • 100% Waterproof Training Collar
  • Up to 1000Ft Remote Range

Dog Bark Collar

  • Effective Bark Collar for Dogs
  • Sound Vibration & Automatic 7 Levels Shock Modes
  • Training Collar with LED Indicator

NO BARK Citronella Spray Collar

  • Anti-Bark Deterrent for Dogs Kit
  • Safe, Effective, Humane Stop Dog Barking Device




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House Train Your Dog – The Simple Way!

House Train Your Dog – The Simple Way!

House Train Your Dog – The Simple Way!


Your new puppy is so cute. You cuddle with it every day, chase it around the yard and play tug-of-war with the stuffed animal. However, all is not fun and games in the house with the new puppy.


Now comes the hard part, house training the dog. As the new puppy does one of two things to relieve themself in the middle of your new white carpet, you find yourself wondering why it is so difficult for the dog to understand that you do not do it in the house.

You think to yourself, why would anyone, animals included, go to the bathroom where they live? Why would they not want it as far away as possible?


You think your puppy must be thick-headed; anyone with a dog has looked at their animal at this stage and said, “you stupid dog.”


However, then you remember for a couple of years after you were born, you not only went to the bathroom where you live but actually in your pants, and you feel slightly bad for being so frustrated with your dog’s seeming lack of intelligence.


House training a dog is, without a doubt, a frustrating process. You wish you could throw them outside, and they would figure it out themselves. Unfortunately, it is not this easy; it requires a bit more patience and perseverance. So you do a couple of things as you look at the seemingly hopeless situation that has the potential to turn very expensive if you are forced to replace your carpet.

First of all, you must remember that you knew house training a dog was not easy or fun, second, remember that you’re the one that bought the new carpet two months before you decided to get a dog.


Now go to the book store and find yourself the latest book on house training a dog and hope that it has some enlightening information that will save you both time and money.

Learn More

How to Housebreak Your Dog in 7 Days (Revised)
How to Housebreak Your Dog in 7 Days
You Save:$2.26 (23%)
Price Disclaimer

How to House Training Your Dog Successfully


You could house training your dog quickly if you had the time to watch your puppy 24-hours a day. But since you can’t watch them around the clock, you can’t expect to train them all at once. Training can take up to about six months. Puppies are growing and developing quickly at this stage.


They eat more food and burn up a lot of energy and consequently need to ‘go’ more often. The most critical issue in house training dogs should be teaching him to control his bowel first. When he is still a puppy, he has not yet developed bladder control.


House training dogs is hard when you are not home. Your puppy needs a lot of attention. You should first confine your puppy in a puppy-proof room with paper spread all over the floor. Put his water bowls and food right next to it.

The papers you have set on the floor may be dragged and chewed around his little den, but it’s essential and helpful in teaching your puppy where to eliminate his waste correctly. There will be no reason for him to defecate elsewhere.


Your puppy will ‘go’ on the paper, and you need to clean it up when you arrive home. This may be additional work for you, but patience is all it takes. Don’t worry because later on, he will move past this stage.

Learn More

AmazonBasics Single Door Folding Metal Cage Crate For Dog or Puppy - 36 x 23 x 25 Inches

Dog Crate For Dog or Puppy
36 x 23 x 25 Inches

Price Disclaimer



Paper training is extremely useful and is a proven technique in training dogs. In this way, no matter where the dog relieves himself, he will still eliminate the paper because he has no choice. Little by little, you will see some changes.

Gradually reduce the amount of paper you have set on the ground. As your puppy has become used to using the paper, start gradually moving the paper outside the house. Since he has become used to using the paper, he will look for it.


After the paper has been moved to outside the house, your training is near its end. Move the paper about an inch per day. Be sure to reward your dog for their good behavior.

Learn More

AmazonBasics Regular Pet Dog and Puppy Training Pads - Pack of 100
Dog and Puppy Training Pads – Pack of 100
You Save:$3.00 (15%)
Price Disclaimer


Occasionally, you may discover that they had an ‘accident’ inside the house again. Don’t become discouraged, when this happens, you just need to repeat the training again. But understand that it will not be as hard as the first time. Obedience training for your puppy is vital for both your dog, your sanity and sanitation.


Watch Ceasar Millan – How to Potty Train Your Puppy



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How to Raise the Perfect Dog

How to Raise the Perfect Dog

How to Raise the Perfect Dog


Practical dog training can be challenging if you want to raise the perfect dog. You’ll find this to be especially true if your dog is of a stubborn breed. Sadly, some dog owners become frustrated and give up too soon, but it is best to act as quickly as possible. If bad behavior is allowed to continue, you may end up with a bigger problem on your hands.


The good news is, there are many easy ways that you can handle dog behavior issues in a humane and friendly way.


Dog behavioral problems can range from cute, but annoying little problems, to full-fledged dangerous issues such as biting. While there are many causes of behavioral problems, the solutions are fairly simple. The age-old adage, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” doesn’t really apply here with consistent training, you can overcome dog behavior problems.

Let’s look at a few simple and easy to implement dog training tips.



1. Be Consistent. This is the absolute key when training any animal. You may be tempted to let them slide every once in a while, but this will only serve to hamper your efforts. Be consistent with praise as well as with corrections and your dog will begin to understand that you are indeed the master.


2. Positive Reinforcement Training is Vital. While many older dog training techniques, such as choker chains may be initially effective, they may actually cause more problems down the road. Positive reinforcement training helps your dog associate good behavior with good rewards. This is a very effective means of tackling even the toughest dog behavior problems.



In brief, positive reinforcement training means that you reward a dog when they do the right thing, and withhold the reward when they do not. Even the most stubborn dog will begin to respond to these training techniques when they are applied consistently.


3.Introduction to a Crate. One of the easiest ways to put an end to destructive behavior is to provide your dog with clear cut boundaries. Crating them while you are gone, or when you need some space is an effective and humane training aid. You may need to introduce them to the crate slowly, and allow them time to get used to being confined. A crate should not be used as a punishment device, but rather as a safe place for them to go and relax.


4. An Additional Cautionary Note.  Once the dog behavioral problems are addressed, and the corrective training has started, it is imperative everyone involved with the dog use the same training techniques. Everyone must be consistent in the handling of the dog. If not your poor dog will become very confused and may act out even more than before the corrective training was initiated.


Once you have started these methods, you can easily begin to solve dog behavioral issues without undue stress to you or your pet. A well-behaved pet is a happy pet and you’ll appreciate the lack of destructive and potentially harmful dog behavioral problems for you and your family.


Learn More
How to Raise the Perfect Dog


You Save:$6.15 (36%)
Price Disclaimer


WATCH: Ceasar Millan Take This PITBULL for a Walk!



Register Your Dog and Let the AKC® Be There to Support You Along the Way!



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How to Cope With Dog Aggression

How to Cope With Dog Aggression

How to Cope With Dog Aggression


The best way to deal with aggression in a dog is to prune their behaviors early on. Dogs are predatory animals, so it’s only natural that one would show signs of aggressive behavior even as a puppy. It’s the owner’s responsibility to train a dog to be submissive and obedient.

A dog will act aggressively on different occasions for various reasons.


Among the most common reasons are:

• Hunger
• Protecting his territory
• Struggling for dominance
• Feeling trapped or threatened
• Fear or insecurity
• Boredom (chasing cars for example)
• The dog has been pampered, and the needs or wants aren’t being met to their satisfaction.


Show your dog who’s the boss from the very beginning. There must be no doubt in his mind that your every command is to be obeyed immediately. It will take dedication and patience to accomplish. A very well trained dog will respond favorably to his master’s commands even at a distance and without a leash.


That is not to say you should never take your dog out in public without a leash. Most communities have leash laws, and even though you feel that you know your dog well, he may behave erratically in an unfamiliar situation.


Once your puppy has been de-wormed and had his shots, you’ll do well to introduce him to other dogs. Remain in control of his actions at all times. If the other dog becomes aggressive, hold your dog back to teach him not to respond to provocation. If your dog becomes aggressive, you’ll need to take charge quickly. A stern “no” and short jerk on the leash will send him the message that this behavior is not tolerated.


Another problem stemming from aggression is chasing cars, people, cats, or other dogs. Not only is it an unacceptable behavior, but chasing has resulted in the death of several family pets.


Chasing is an instinctual hunting behavior, and nearly every dog will chase something at one time or another. Going against such a deeply ingrained and natural trait is a challenge. Since hunting behavior is necessary for survival in the wild, it is probably the hardest habit to break in a dog. Even if your dog is obedient at other times, he may very well ignore your commands and take off after that irresistible rabbit.


There’s no way to outrun your dog. He’ll leave you eating his dust every time. So how can you stop him from exhibiting this aggressive behavior from a distance? The answer lies in gaining control of his ability to go after what he wants in an enclosed space.


Place a favorite toy or piece of food just out of his reach. Prevent him from going after it by holding him back with the leash. Tell him to sit and when he obeys you, shower him with praise. Then offer him the thing that he wants. By repeating this training, you are teaching your dog that he’s not allowed to have anything without your permission.



Start your puppy’s training early on and don’t allow aggression to take hold. You’ll have fewer headaches, passersby will be safe, and your dog will be more likely to live a few years longer.


5 Steps To Being The Pack Leader


Before you can have balanced dog behavior, you have to become the leader, and the leader needs to be every human in the family.


You have to communicate with your dogs in a way that they’ll understand, which means that you have to learn to think like a dog. Before you can think like a dog, you have to understand dog psychology.


Below are five steps to help put yourself in the Pack Leader position. Cesar Millan explains each point in detail.


Learn More






Cesar Millan: How to Become the Pack LEADER!



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Best No-Pull Dog Harnesses for Dog Training

Best No-Pull Dog Harnesses for Dog Training

The Best No-Pull Dog Harnesses for Dog Training


The Best no-pull dog harness is one of the first and most essential accessories for your dog.
There are so many dog harnesses in the market today, and it can be challenging to choose the best one. If you are searching for a good quality dog harness, then we made a list here to help you.
This list offers you 4 of the Best No-Pull Dog Harness that you can buy for your dog. So let’s get started on our journey.

Rabbitgoo Dog Adjustable Dog Harness.

Many dogs tend to pull more when they and feel the call of freedom. If you are looking for a quality, easy to use dog harness, then Rabbitago dog harness is the perfect option for you. This dog harness offers No-pull design so that you can have easy control over your dog, and the soft padding will provide your dog with a good snug fitting around the body.
Due to the snug fit, your dog will experience added security wearing it all the same time. The sturdy handles provide the dog owner with the extra grip to help control and train your dog. The harness comes in an assortment of sizes. It is that best dog harness for small dogs, medium dogs, and the best dog harness to stop pulling.
It offers the best resistive material that is waterproof, and durable so used it for all season. The reflective straps ensure visibility for added safety while walking with the dog after dark.
Learn More
Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No-Pull Pet Harness Adjustable Outdoor Pet Vest 3M Reflective Oxford Material Vest for Dogs Easy Control for Small Medium Large Dogs (Orange, M)
Adjustable Outdoor Pet Vest 3M Reflective Oxford Material Vest for Dogs
Easy Control for Small Medium Large Dogs
Price Disclaimer


Best Dog Harness for Pitbulls and Large Dogs


If you are looking for the Best Dog Harness for Pitbull or for your large size dogs, then this dog harness is perfect for you. The Large size dog harness fits dogs like American Pitbull, Labrador, Golden Retriever, and German Shepard, etc.


The product offers the adjustable straps that create a custom fit for the dog. This dog harness provides a no-pull design that distributes pressure evenly to the dog’s body to prevent it from choking and pulling. The dog harness comes complete with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


The big dog harness is comfortable to wear and has strong interlocking security. The vest harness with quick snapping buckles and simple vest design makes it easy to put on and take off. The locking snaps gives your dog more secure protection. The harness is ideal for daily running, walking, outdoor adventure, and hunting. The sturdy, handy handles help you to control and assist your dog.


The No-Pull Dog Harness is made from a light-weight and reflective material that offers soft wear comfort with lifetime usage and it can be cleaned easily. The reflective straps will keep you and your dog safe when you are outside after dark.


Learn More

You Save:$6.00 (27%)
Price Disclaimer




Weetall Massage Dog Harness with America Flag Theme


If you still looking for the All-American No-Pull Dog Harness, then this product will be a good option for you. The adjustable chest girth is suitable for a massive dog having size 20-88 lb. The harness offers easy control for extra-large and large dogs. Weetall’s new harness is designed in different patterns to give a more attractive and durable design.


The fabrics used in this vest adopts PU-waterproof, the reflective and luminous design that offers better protection to you and your dog while walking at night. The garment also provides a massage action that relieves the back and chest of the dog while It gives more security and comfort when working or playing.


This dog harness offers unique reflective straps that ensure better dog safety while walking. It can quickly reflect light in a dark area and help the oncoming cars to see the dog clearly at night.


The luminous effect of the Dog Vest Harnessmakes the product perfect. The striped design with an ideal glowing impact on stripes make your pet safer and avoid a collision. It can quickly be taken off/on customized with the quick-release plastic buckles.

The dog harness is made from durable nylon ribbon material that gives a perfect fit with the reflective bands. The soft, breathable dense padding makes the dog harness easy to enjoy the moment while wearing.


Learn More

WEETALL Dog Harness, No-Pull & Adjustable Small Medium Dog Harness, American Flag Theme Dog Vest with Reflective Straps for Small Medium Breed
No-Pull & Adjustable American Flag Theme Dog Vest with Reflective Straps
Price Disclaimer




TIANYAO – Dog Harness for Large Dogs

 Are you looking for the Best & Optimal Sized harness for your dog?

The Tianyao harness offers a cool dog pattern on a chest that gives it an attractive look and makes your dog look good. With the help of quick-release buckles, it is easier to put harness off and on also. The sturdy and durable handle on the backside helps to control your dog too.


The straps of the product are perfect and allow you the best custom fit for your dog. The harness offers adjustable metal D-rings on the front and back that help prevent the dog from easy pulling. The pressure is distributed evenly to the dog’s body that prevents choking and offers the best triangular stainless-steel ring, which connects to the straps on the back. It adds more sturdiness and durability and makes it more protective and tear-resistant.


The reflective stitching maintains a high level of visibility at night for the best protection. It is made from premium “Nylon oxford material” that makes it lightweight and can easily be cleaned.

Learn More

TIANYAO Big Dog Harness
No-Pull Dog Vest Set – Reflective Adjustable Oxford Material Pet Harness
for Large Dogs with Leash and Collar for Walking, Training, and Hiking.
You Save:$6.00 (24%)
Price Disclaimer



What are the Advantages of the No Pull Dog Vest Harness?


Dog owners prefer dog harness over the dog collar because of various reasons. If you are a dog owner, you know how important it is to take them out for a walk and to train your dog. But this is not possible if you don’t have a good quality harness, dog collar or, more importantly, a leash.


If you are confused about choosing the dog harness, you need to know the advantage of the dog harness. Here are a few benefits of the dog harness, that will help your dog. If you are a dog parent, you need to look for these few things while you are choosing for the dog harness or the dog collar. The dog harnesses come in various types. It is better to use the no pull dog harness. Here are a few advantages of the dog harness.


No Pressure The dog collars exert a lot of pressure on the dogs. So, we need to choose a dog harness. These dog harnesses will not use force on the dogs, and therefore, it will not be difficult for them to walk. If you’re taking your dog out for training or on a walk, you should start with a harness. The pulling of the dog collar may cause an injury. So, all you need to do it to pick a no pull dog harness. So, there is no pressure. Also, dog parents prefer the harness over the dog collar. The harness distributes the weight, and it is no longer directed around the neck only.


Good for Small Dogs The dog collars are not suitable for small dogs. If you have a puppy or the dog of the small breed, it is better to choose a no pull vest. It will suit your dog better, and your dog will also feel better while walking. The no-pull harness will also provide your dog support while walking. You do not have to bend down all the way to help your dog get up. You can easily support your small dog with the help of this no-pull Harness.


Great for Training If you are in the early days of training your dog, all you need is to be a bit careful while you choose the dog vest harness. A good harness will help your dog to learn faster. Moreover, the no-pull harness will save your dog from getting rebellious. It will be easier for you to train your dog with a vest too. These are the few advantages of the no pull dog harness.


You can find a wide selection of dog harnesses using the list above to help you find the most popular, best selling no-pull dog harness for your dog in the market today.


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The 5 Best All-Natural Dog Anxiety Treatments

The 5 Best All-Natural Dog Anxiety Treatments

The 5 Best All-Natural Dog Anxiety Treatments

Calming and anti-anxiety medications is a way that all dog owners must learn to help control and train their dogs. If you are training a dog, then you should understand that dogs are an animal which senses work far differently than humans. This is the reason why dogs get into mental health issues with less reluctance. So, to help keep them calm, you should use calming medications. Some readily available best calming remedies are listed below.

While they all have their benefits, I suggest you do your own research and read the labels to see what you think best fits you and your dogs’ personal needs as they all work differently.


Calming Medications for Your Dogs



1. Adaptil Calm Home Diffuser for Dogs

Learn More

Adaptil Calm Home Diffuser for Dogs (30 Day Starter Kit)

Adaptil Calm Home Diffuser for Dogs

Price Disclaimer



Adaptil Travel Calming Spray for Dogs
Adaptil Travel Calming Spray for Dogs
Adaptil Travel Calming Spray for Dogs
Price Disclaimer


Are you looking for a dog calming medication? Then Adaptil is the best solution to help solve your problem. This diffuser helps you to keep your pet calm. While traveling just take the Adaptil portable bottle with you and it lets you use it anywhere and anytime when your pet gets a stress problem or gets hard to control it. You need to take remedy on your hand, rub it, and apply it on the neck or collar of your four-legged companion. This spray doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients.


2. PREMIUM CARE Calming Treats for Dogs


PREMIUM CARE Calming Treats for Dogs - Made in USA - Aids Stress, Anxiety, Storms, Barking, Separation and More - Organic Kelp + Valerian Root Soft Chews - 120 Count Dog Calming Treats
Aids Stress, Anxiety, Storms, Barking, Separation and More
Made in the USA
You Save:$4.50 (15%)
Price Disclaimer


If your dog suffering from separation anxiety or does he exhibit other types of nervous behavior then you should give him stress and anxiety, releasing chews Premium Care Calming for Dogs.

It also contains all the organic ingredients that wouldn’t have any side effects on your dog. Moreover, this chew has fewer filters and more active ingredients for increased efficacy. Without adding any artificial flavors, this chew has a dog-approved flavor which helps in controlling the dog’s hyperactive behavior.



3. PET CARE Sciences Calming Treats for Dogs
PET CARE Sciences Calming Treats for Dogs, Travel, Excessive Barking, Stress, Dog Separation Anxiety Relief, Composure Chews, Made in The USA
Travel, Excessive Barking,
Dog Separation Anxiety Relief
You Save:$29.02 (60%)
Price Disclaimer


Due to the unusual change in routine, most of the dogs experience some form of stress and anxiety. If your dog is one of them, then you need Pet Care Science Super Dog Calming Aid to make your dog calm and stress-free. These high-quality chews are safe for your dog’s positive behavior and they are easily digestible and tasty chews. Now you can get those behavioral problems under control and can promote a general Kinpur (2 PACK | 20 000MG) Hemp Oil for Dogs & Cats – Anxiety Relief for Dogs & Cats – Pet Hemp Oil – Supports Hip & Joint Health – Made in USA – Natural Relief for Pain – Omega 3, 6 & 9 sense of calmness with natural ingredients.


4. Hemp Oil for Dogs
Kinpur (2 PACK | 20 000MG) Hemp Oil for Dogs & Cats - Anxiety Relief for Dogs & Cats - Pet Hemp Oil - Supports Hip & Joint Health - Made in USA - Natural Relief for Pain - Omega 3, 6 & 9
Supports Hip, Joint Health & More

You Save:$2.00 (10%)

Price Disclaimer


and cats are naturally extracted oil that has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps a dog from getting relief from pain in joints and achieves more mobility with greater efficiency. This hemp oil is manufactured in the USA and is certified by the highest international standards of the world.

Our Hemp oil for dogs provides a natural calming effect which may help them in relieving stress, getting separated from anxiety during travel issues. It is also recommendable in the constant barking and natural aggressive behavior of pets.



5. Zesty Paws Calming Bites for Dogs


Soothes Anxieties – This Calming Bites supplement may encourage natural anti-anxiety relief for a thunderstorm, fireworks, car rides, or separation anxiety.

Advanced Complex Of Proven Ingredients – These treats contain Organic Ginger Root, L-Tryptophan, and Organic Passion Flower to help minimize outbursts, while Valerian Root reduces scratching, restlessness, paw licking, and chewing.

Learn More

Zesty Paws Advanced Calming Soft Chews for Dogs - with Suntheanine & Melatonin - Anxiety Composure Aid with L Tryptophan for Dog Stress Relief - for Storms + Barking & Chewing - 90 Chew Treats
Anxiety Aid for Dog Relief – for Storms, Barking & Chewing
Price Disclaimer


Your pets, especially in a dogs’ mind, works differently in each situation or circumstance and so they also handle and react in that situation differently. You and I might try to find a solution, but animals respond aggressively, and the change in their behavior can be seen. This change is the symptom that shows that they are under stress and anxiety and need some calming.


To treat or cure your dog for anxiety it’s best to discuss a treatment plan with your veterinarian and if the anxiety continues or if you are traveling or someplace where you cannot do as planned. These Organic dog chews and Hemp Oil are helpful in controlling and bringing your pet back into a place of peace and calm.



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